Why Sweet Pea Pet Spa?

  • We give your FurKid personalized care. No two pets require the same services so we get to know your FurKid and bond with them. We use gentle handling techniques, and try to keep your pet as relaxed as possible. Our staff is rigorously trained on safety, skin conditions, parasite detection and control and the many other facets of pet care necessary to ensure your pet receives the best care. We will notify you of any health concerns we find during your pet's stay with us.
  • We do not forget about our human clients!  We offer professional, friendly, knowledgable customer service.  We are always seeking feedback so we can adapt and change according to our client's needs.  We take all questions and concerns seriously, and will work with you to find a resolution that works.  With this we have a special customer service phone number to address any FurKid parent's compliments, suggestions, concerns that you may have.  It is 720-899-9213.  FurKid parents are free to call any time (we would let FurKids call too but we know they don't have thumbs...smile).
  • Our groomers participate in continuing education to keep up on the latest trends, equipment, and techniques.  We take grooming seriously and like to keep up with the times.  This also allows our groomers to become quick and efficient while maintaining quality and safety.
  • Your pet gets their own appointment, which means our goal is have your Furkid with us for a maximum of 2 hours (sometimes a tiny bit longer for heavy coated breeds and for first time appointments as we build a bond with your FurKid).  This causes less stress, minimal if any time in the cage dryer, and personal care from start to finish. 

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Sweet Pea Pet Spa
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